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The University of Limpopo is a renowned institution located in South Africa that attracts numerous students from different parts of the world. The university is committed to providing high-quality education that meets the needs of the society while fostering a culture of research, innovation, and community engagement. However, before students can be admitted to the institution, they must submit their applications and pay a handling fee as part of the admission process. This guide provides an overview of the application fee banking details for the University of Limpopo.

Overview of the Application Process

Before diving into the details of the application fee banking details, it is crucial to understand the university’s application process. The process involves several steps that applicants must follow to ensure their applications are complete and submitted on time. The following is a breakdown of the application process:

Step 1: Online Application

All applications at the University of Limpopo are done online. Applicants can visit the university’s website and follow the prompts to complete their application. It is important to note that only Bachelor Certificate holders are eligible to apply for admission.

Step 2: Handling Fee Payment

As part of the application process, applicants are required to pay a handling fee. The handling fee is R200 for South African applicants and R750 for international applicants. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid before the application can be processed.

Step 3: Bank Account Details

Applicants are required to deposit the handling fee to the University of Limpopo’s bank account. The account details are as follows:

Account Name: University of Limpopo
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Branch Name: Polokwane Square
Branch Code: 051001
Account No.: 030131405
Reference No.: Applicant’s ID number/Passport number

It is important to use the correct reference number when making the payment to ensure that the payment is allocated to the correct applicant.

Step 4: Enquiries

Any inquiries regarding the 2024 academic and residence applications should be directed to the university’s call center or email address. The call center number is 015 268 3332, while the email address is

Step 5: Prospectuses

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses are available on the university’s website. Applicants can access them for ease of reference.

TM Learn

TM Learn is an online learning platform offered by the University of Limpopo in South Africa. The platform is specifically designed for students enrolled in the Traditional Medicine programs at the university, but it also provides access to a range of resources for anyone interested in traditional medicine.

The platform offers a variety of resources such as videos, presentations, and interactive quizzes to enhance students’ understanding of traditional medicine. The content is provided by qualified and experienced lecturers who are experts in traditional medicine, ensuring that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

One of the key features of TM Learn is its user-friendly interface, which is easy to navigate and understand. The platform provides a dashboard that displays a student’s progress, enabling them to track their learning and identify areas where they need to improve.

TM Learn also offers a forum where students can interact with each other and with their lecturers. This fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for students to ask questions and engage in discussions with their peers.

In addition, TM Learn is accessible on any device, including smartphones and tablets, making it easy for students to access the platform and study on the go. The platform also allows students to access the learning material at their own pace, providing them with the flexibility they need to balance their studies with other commitments.

Overall, TM Learn is an excellent online learning platform that provides students with a wealth of resources and a supportive learning environment. It is an excellent tool for students enrolled in traditional medicine programs at the University of Limpopo and is also a valuable resource for anyone interested in traditional medicine.

University of Limpopo Bursaries

The University of Limpopo offers bursaries to eligible first-time entering postgraduate students who intend to pursue their studies at the institution. The UL Tuition Fee Bursary for Postgraduate Studies is aimed at providing financial support to students who demonstrate academic excellence and have a financial need.

For Masters and Doctoral students, a tuition fee bursary of up to R10,000.00 is available for the duration of their study. Honours students who have obtained 60% in the final year of their undergraduate study for the subject(s) or course(s) they intend to pursue their postgraduate degree may qualify for a tuition fee bursary of up to R10,000.00. However, the bursary will only be awarded upon completion of their study.

There are some conditions that apply to the UL Tuition Fee Bursary for Postgraduate Studies. The bursary is capped at the total amount of tuition levied in the academic year of registration for the stipulated period of study. Eligible students who fail to successfully complete their studies within the stipulated period will not qualify for the tuition fee bursary. Students who receive tuition fee support from their employers or from other sources under normal circumstances do not qualify for University-administered financial aid, except for students sponsored by NRF. Students who are registering for the qualification equivalent to the one already received and those who have previously registered with other institutions for the same qualification do not qualify for the bursary. The University also reserves the right to withdraw the tuition bursary if the student fails to disclose that they have an equivalent degree from another institution.

The UL Tuition Fee Bursary for Postgraduate Studies does not cover administration fees, local levy fees, and residence fees. Therefore, students who receive the bursary are still responsible for paying these fees. To apply for the University of Limpopo Bursary, students need to attach the following documents to the application form: an acceptance letter from the School indicating the student number, degree, and discipline, a certified copy of a detailed transcript of academic records, a certified copy of degree certificates, and a certified copy of ID. It is important to note that no retrospective applications are permitted.

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