International Scholarships in Germany 2019

Scholarship at Germany University and Things that You Need to Know

Germany is one of a global economic powerhouse that ranks fourth largest nominal GDP in the world, member of G10 country, and have the lowest unemployment rate among member of European Union countries. Germany GDP more than half of it comes from Information and technology, the rest comes from industry and agriculture respectively. Supported with a very skilled worker for each field and considered one of the highest labors productivity among OECD countries make Germany the third’s largest exporter in the world.

The Education system in Germany is mainly a state’s responsibility, while the federal government has a very little role in making the policy that’s why the education in Germany is varied depending on which state you live.

scholarships in germany
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Overall education Germany has a very good secondary education system that tries to accommodate children for their interests and capability, where at a 5-6 grade’s the children and their parents together with the teacher decide which secondary school system is the best for children interest and future. to know more about the secondary school in Germany check here.

There is two type of university in Germany one is Universitaet university in general term the other is Fachhochschule or in English equivalent, University of applied science. The Universitaet in Germany usually focus on research capability and have doctoral/Ph.D.’s program, on the other hand, the Fachhochschule offer the same degree as the Universitaet but the study program focused more on the applicability skill and knowledge that serve better on employment. You can study your master program in Fachhochschule but not Doctoral/Ph.D.’s program. It doesn’t mean someone that graduate from Fachhochschule cannot continue their Doctoral/Ph.D.’s, it just required for them to continue their study in the University or Universitaet in Germany.

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The admission to the Universities in Germany is free and in general, the tuition fees for higher learning purposes is funded by the states, the student only has to pay a semester fee or Semesterbeitrag for their enrolment. The fee usually to funded student organization within the university that help and assist the student through their study whether it be their everyday social problem, additional funding, or legal assistance.

And in most university in Germany, you will get student ID or Studentausweis that can be used as a transport ticket for public transportation in states that you live in. the semester fee usually range between 150-350 EUR per semester (can be higher) depends on what states and university, which is almost nothing compare the student benefits that you receive beside free transportation ticket (the Student’s ID) such as student discounts when entering a museum or theater and more.

As in 2017, the state of Baden Wuerttemberg reintroduce new policy regarding tuition fee, in which for the non-EU/EEA citizen expected to pay 1500 EUR per semester that results in controversy for the matters.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is formerly known as Society for Christian-Democratic Civic Education is a political foundation established in 1955 then change its name to Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in 1966 in honoring Konrad Adenauer as the first Germany federal chancellor

They offer scholarships for international gifted students to continue their study in Germany.

The scholarship is provided only for master, postgraduate, doctoral, Ph.D. or research programs in Germany University.

Eligibility and Requirements

The scholarship is provided for International students from many countries around the world who can demonstrate and also proved to have above average academic performance, have a positive and supported outlook on democracy and human rights, open-minded and practice tolerance with those who have different beliefs and actively engage in voluntary work in their home country.

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The formal requirements for scholarship candidates are the following; the age limit is 30 years old, the minimum scholarship provided is at least one year and the applicants at least still have minimum two semesters left of their study or research program in Germany, for Medicine or pharmacy students  must first complete their intermediate national exam in Germany or equivalent level of other qualifications from other countries. The candidates who already hold doctorate degree is not eligible to apply.

It is also required to the selected candidates to have a sufficient Germany language minimum B2 level. In most cases, the selected candidates that receive a Konrad Adenauer Scholarship are required DSH Exam (Germany-language exam for college admission) or equivalent with high scores before beginning their study program.

For more information, you can find it at Konrad Adenauer official website or you can inquire Konrad Adenauer office in your home country.

Goethe Goes Global Scholarships

Goethe Goes Global Scholarship is an international scholarship program that started in 2018 and funded by Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitet Frankfurt am Main also known Goethe University or the University of Frankfurt for short. Goethe University is still considered the best university in Germany and in Europe region. Several notable alumni’s from the university also have been awarded noble prizes that range from physics, chemistry, medicine, physiology, and economy.

The Goethe Goes Global Scholarship provided the scholar with monthly financial support worth 1000 EUR, the mission is to attract more promising student and researcher to do research at Goethe University.

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Eligibility and requirements

The scholarship is only for master programs and the candidates should hold or on-track to attain the bachelor degree outside Germany, demonstrate to have high interest in research, have good academic records in the fields that you interested in and wanting to have a platform for exchanging idea with other international researchers. Out of 75 Master programs in Goethe University, some of them is connected to the research unit to see which Master programs that have research unit check here.

How to Apply

You must first start your application on your desired master degree program. You can find The list of Master degree program in Goethe Univerity here. In most cases, the program can be submitted via Uni Assist.

Uni-Assist is a third-party institution that processes the admission of International students in most cases. Find out more about Uni Assist.

Or if the application of your chosen program requires direct submission, you can submit your scholarship application along with your master program applications. It is advised to contact the related department for any specific requirements beforehand.

The documents that you need for the scholarships (besides for your master application) are the following:

  • A Motivation letter
  • A CV in tabular form
  • Two recommendation from Professor or someone with equal or higher standing in your previous University

The deadline for of application is varied and it is advisable that you inquire to each respective department of your choosing program about the start application’s date and deadline. A successful application will be notified by the end of September.

For further Information about Goethe Goes Global scholarship, you can find here.

Good Luck.

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