PhD Scholarships for International Students in UK

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About PhD

Ph.D. is the highest attainable degree or title of appreciation if I may say, through the university or institution. For someone who is pursuing his or her Ph.D’s. because they are ready to give most of their time doing research on the subject that really matters to them. The Ph.D. students can spend 3-5 years or even more doing their original research it takes so many efforts, sweat, and sometimes also tears for their works before it comes to fruition but survive this you will be a different person. In those hard time, it will be incredibly hard if you don’t have perseverance and passion that essential to complete the tasks.

phd scholarships
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If that’s the case how then should you decide, the best time for you to figure it out probably in your master years, in your master year you kinda have the feel whether you should continue to study the subjects or stop altogether and as you write your master thesis you will most likely sure which one is the best decision because just “I want” in this case might be not enough. However, if you spend your master study years doing more than what you should have and its okay for you stay long hours doing your research in a decent lab because it is important for you to do it and feel fulfilled by it. you might consider taking a chance applying for the Ph.D. scholarship program.

The scholarship program for Ph.D. is a highly competitive procedure and should have met many requirements given not to mention due to the high drop-out rate of the student. The drop out rate of the Ph.D. student is as high as 50% according to however if you know within your self that you are ready none above will bother you at all.

President’s PhD Scholarships UK

President’s Ph.D. scholarship is an annually funded scholarship at Imperial College London. The scholarship provides a fund for up to 50 research with great potential from many different study fields, the nature of selection through this program is extremely competitive and have a higher requirements standard than most other Ph.D. scholarship program based on the fact that the previous recipients of the scholarship demonstrate to have higher performance in their class than their peers .

There is no specific targeted country for this scholarship program any talented person may apply their candidacy for the scholarship. The candidates must be among top achiever in their class and have definitive evidence to prove their ability to deliver higher performance also candidates with degrees granted outside the UK will still have to determine whether their grades meet the requirements for in UK education system standard. You can check grade specification here.

The chosen applicants will be provided with full funded tuition fee, living expense fee £21,200 yearly, and so-called consumable funds £2000 for the first 3 years.

How to Apply for President’s PhD Scholarships

The applicants should contact the available supervisor within the imperial college before anything else, after the approval from the supervisor is received then you can start the with the next step. To see the availability for each discipline fields you can check it here. It is also important for the candidates to provide the supervisor with your CV and the purpose of your study, potential start date and how you propose for funding. Also if personal statement needed make sure the statement has approx. 1000 words with two pages limit.

To apply the candidates must submit their application through the online system provided by the Imperial college there is no admission fee for a doctoral program you can find the detail here and you can sign up here for more detailed requirements. The President’s Ph.D. scholarship program doesn’t have a formal closing date because it runs throughout the year for the year 2019 for the applicants who submit their application before 18 January 2019 and successful applicants will be notified by 30 March 2019, for the applicants who submit their application before 22 March 2019 will be notified by 31 May 2019.

Edinburg Global Research Scholarship

Edinburg Global research scholarship is partial scholarship granted by Edinburg University and 30 research scholarship will be awarded for session 2019-2020. Edinburg global research scholarship has the objective to attract researcher across the globe to do their research at Edinburg University, also there is no specific targeted research fields or national priority for this program. The chosen candidate of Edinburg global scholarship cannot be held with other fully-funded scholarship such as commonwealth scholarship, the scholarship will not be given to a person who already obtained a Ph.D. degree or already on a Ph.D. programme.

The scholarship will cover the difference between the tuition fee for the UK/EU students and chargeable to an overseas student with a duration up to three years, the applicants also expected able to pay tuition fee at the chargeable rate with a full-time Ph.D. study program.

The applicants should have outstanding achievements and potential research study and in order to be competitive to win the awards, it is advised for the applicants to have outstanding records both their bachelor and also their master programs.

Edinburg Global Research Scholarship Application

To apply the applicants must have admission at Edinburg University. After the admission process has been approved then can scholarship applicants have access to the online application form, which accessed through one of Edinburg university web portal. The scholarship deadline will be 1 February 2019  and the successful candidate will be notified by the end of April. You can find more info about Edinburg Global Research Scholarship here.

Edinburg university also has another funding program for their international students. To learn more about another funding program at Edinburg University you can find it here.

There is so much consideration to think for Ph.D. candidates before applying for scholarships due it’s competitive nature and how difficult it is to attain it and however it will be worthwhile for the reader who is serious about taking Ph.D. program.

Good luck!

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