International Scholarship in UK 2019

The United Kingdom or the UK for short is consist of  England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is a unitary parliamentary democracy country that ruled by a monarch Queen Elizabeth II as the head of states and runs by a prime minister that currently held by Theresa May along with his cabinets and The UK parliaments.

The United Kingdom is the fifth-largest economy in the world and second-largest Economy in Europe after Germany. Around 80% of UK’s GDP comes from the services sector especially in the financial service industry as its capital London is the largest financial center in the world.

As unitary states, each state might have a different policy from other states. Take the education sector, for example. In Wales, small groups of the students are taught in Welsh at their school, in Scotland, the Scottish Universities usually have longer courses compare to the other Universities in other states in the United Kingdom , and in England has a tradition of independent schools and home education, where parents may choose which education system is good for the children by any permitted means. Generally, the education in the UK started at age 5 years old until  16 years old and fall into 4 stages; Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education, and Higher Education. To know more about the education system in the United Kingdom check here.

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Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarships are a scholarships program that is given and funded by The UK Department for International Development (DFID) to attract young bright students outside the UK to study in UK’s universities.

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The eligible countries to apply for the scholarship provided by the Commonwealth Scholarship are the member of the Commonwealth countries outside the United Kingdom. See list Commonwealth Countries. Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship offer around 800 awards for the programs annually.

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by DFID for low and middle-income Commonwealth countries to study in the UK. The scholarship is provided for a full-time master program in the UK’s universities that without the support of the scholarship the young and talented students from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries are not able financially to study in the UK.

The provided scholarship is offered for the following study themes;

  • the development of science and technology,
  • improvement of the healthcare system,
  • global prosperity,
  • strengthening global security in maintaining peace,
  • resilience, and ability to respond in the crisis,
  • access, inclusion, and opportunity.

The eligibility and requirements

For the scholarship, the participants must be a permanent resident, citizen, or granted refugee status from eligible Commonwealth countries and unable to afford study in the UK without the financial support from the Commonwealth Scholarship.

To apply the applicants must first choose the universities that are part funding agreements with the Commonwealth Scholarship to see the list of UK’s universities here. Each and every university that is on the list might have different requirements and a deadline for its admission process. It is advised to the candidates of the Commonwealth master’s scholarship to check the additional requirements needed upon applying to their chosen university and their chosen master study program.

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The application for the master scholarship program should be applied online or/and through national nominating agencies from each respective Commonwealth countries member to see the list of national nominating agency and their contacts, It is normal that you might need additional requirements needed from your national nominating agencies for applying for the scholarship, so it is advised for you to have a plan for your application beforehand. the Commonwealth scholarship institution does not accept a direct application or any application submission outside mentioned eligible admission process policy.

To see more detailed information about the Commonwealth master’s scholarship check here and to inquire more information such as the next application deadline you can inquire here. Also whether there is another scholarship program specifically for your respective country check here.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a scholarship program for all international students outside the UK funded by Bill and Melinda foundation in Cambridge University.

Bill and Melinda’s foundation started back in 1997 and formally established in the year 2000 by Bill Gates founder of Microsoft and his wife’s to tackle extreme poverty and health problem in many developing countries. Bill and Melinda foundation has donated $210 million to Cambridge University back in October 2000 to help the students around the world including the US students in their study program and hopes that the scholar will bring positive impact and changes in their home country.

Gates Cambridge scholarship only provides for full-time Master and doctoral/Ph.D. in Cambridge University and for those who are not yet pursuing their higher degree program may take a look at other possible scholarships provided by Cambridge University.

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Eligibility and Requirements

The eligible applicants for Gates Cambridge Scholarship are international students from outside the United Kingdom who have leadership capability and potential, commit to improves the lives of others, and have excellence intellectual ability and applying for full-time following programs;

  • Full-time Ph.D. (three-year research degree program)
  • MSc and Mitt (two-year research degree program)
  • One-year post graduate course.

To see more detailed information check here.

To apply the applicants via the Cambridge University online portal and provide following documents to apply for the Gates Scholarship program.

Gates Cambridge Statement; approximately 500 words explaining why you need the scholarship. This is important to shortlisted candidates who meet the mentioned criteria for the scholarship.

CV/Resume: Research Proposal for the Ph.D. Program

Gates reference; two reference letter for admission process, this is very important for your candidacy. It is very important for your reference letter to be written by someone who has proper standing and understands the criteria needed for applying for the  Gates Scholarship. It can be your university professor or dean, superior in your working environment, head of your non-profit organization that understands your good personalities and qualities. And it is very important the referee understand that gates scholarship mission is improving the lives of others, therefore the referee should be objectively convincing in writing your leadership potential and commitment to helping others. To find out more about the Gates Cambridge Scholarship you can visit the official website of Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Good Luck.

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