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Germany might not be as students as the United Kingdom or Italy as a place for international students from Asia or Africa to pursue higher education in Europe. It is likely due to the fact that most of the universities are still using German language in their classes while international programs and courses are still limited. However, German universities nowadays are increasing their international program number so that more international students are able to take part in English-speaking courses in a higher level of degree, such as master and doctoral program.

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There are several reasons that make studying in Germany can be a good option, such as the following.

  • Excellence academic programs

Geman universities have long been known to provide an excellent teaching and research. Some of its universities even rank among the best in the world. By having a degree from German universities would give you a magnificent prospect and opportunity when entering the global labor market.

  • Unlocking potential

By studying in Germany, you are able to develop not only your intellectual abilities but also personal skills that can be a good asset to you when you start your career.

  • Various Kinds of Applied Science Universities

Germany offers various kinds of universities of applied sciences that have a range of attractive and practice-oriented options. These study programs combine both theory and practice that you will not find in typical German universities. This option will significantly help you start your career.

  • A safe country
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Germany can be considered as a safe country compared to any other countries because of the stability of the political and economic situation. Moreover, German people don’t like to break the law. The criminal case in town and countryside is low you are free to move around day or night.

  • Lots of diversity

German offers not only the beauty of its landscape, but also a rich culture that will help you to fill your spare time with interesting activities, such as visiting the museum, going to the cinema, picnic in the garden, or exploring old castles.

Apart from the above reasons, Germany also offers various scholarships for international students who want to study in German higher education system. One of the most popular ones is DAAD.

What is DAAD Scholarship?

DAAD is a scholarship scheme offered by the German Academic Exchange Service and financed by Federal Foreign Office which is awarded to students from different disciplines. The funding is aimed at young university graduates as well as early-stage researchers and lecturers. The candidates must have a good academic achievement which places them as one of the third best students of their age group. The candidates are also expected to become the key players in their career fields without leaving their social responsibilities.

DAAD Scholarship Guidelines

  • There is no age limit to apply for the scholarship. However, certain programs have a detail specification of a certain amount of time has passed since your last degree for.
  • Last year students might be able to apply for the scholarship. However, they need to provide the proof that they will be graduated before the funding begins.
  • If you stay in Germany for less than 15 months at the time of application, you are still allowed to apply.
  • DAAD scholarship is available for students who are studying or wish to continue their study in all subjects in German Universities.
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The DAAD Scholarship Selection Process

  • The selection committee, consists of local university teachers, Goethe Institute lecturers, the relevant ministry representatives, DAAD-placed German university teachers, partner organizations of the DAAD representatives, of representatives from the relevant DAAD Regional Office, and many more.
  • Selection Committee of the German university lecturers who will make the decision.

The selection committee will decide applicants who will be awarded by the scholarship based on the following considerations.

  • The information you have given on the application form.
  • Proof of academic achievement (certificates and transcripts).
  • Reference or letter of recommendation by university lecturers or supervisors in which the applicant is working in that shows your academic achievement, your academic and personal qualities, and the significance of the scholarship have for your academic or professional career.
  • Description of study plan or a proposed research project. The objectives of the research project are: (1) the content of the research project, (2) the steps that are planned, and (3) the work schedule plan.
  • Proficiency in the German language (if appropriate). There are some universities that have courses in German. However, a proof of English language proficiency is enough for international students who are applying for an international program through DAAD scholarship.
  • Letter of motivation. Try to explain your history of education and skills, professional experience (if applicable), academic motivation, prizes and awards that you have received, reasons to why you are applying for the scholarship, and personal interest about extracurricular achievements and personal qualities that shows your character.

So, are you interested in pursuing a higher education level program with the help of DAAD scholarship?

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