15 Chinese Scholarships 2019 and Success Tips

Hello, we wanted to let you know the important links you need to know about Chinese Government Scholarships. Okay first of all, before you take deep actions please read these step by step information we wanted to share below. You must learn each link below to prepare your scholarship application for Chinese Government Scholarships in 2019.

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Step 1

You must learn overview or introduction to Chinese Government Scholarships through this link: http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74776.html

Go to above link, read and understand. Once it finished then you must find out kinds of scholarships in China.

Step 2

You must learn kinds of scholarships from Chinese Government.

Kinds or Types Scholarships by Chinese Government.

  1. Bilateral Program, link to learn à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74775.html
  2. Chinese University Program, link to learn à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74779.html
  3. Great Wall Program, link to learn à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74777.html
  4. EU Program à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74781.html
  5. AUN Program à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74778.html
  6. PIF Program à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74780.html
  7. WMO Program à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_74782.html
  8. Marine Scholarship of China à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_338785.html
  9. MOFCOM Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_343888.html
  10. Peking University (Overseas Students) Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_120606.html
  11. Renmin University of China “Belt and Road” Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_121873.html
  12. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Beijing Government Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_121323.html
  13. Nankai University Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_120062.html
  14. Tianjin University of Science and Technology Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_123226.html
  15. Jilin University “Golden Bean” International Students’ Scholarship à http://www.campuschina.org/content/details3_115765.html

16 +… will be updated later.

Step 3

After you visited one by one of above links, you must put attention on some of keys such as categories: is it undergraduate, graduate, general or senior scholarship; duration; scholarship coverage: is it full or partial and what is coverage and more; where and when to apply; requirements and eligibility; application procedures and application documents; how to apply; then contact information.

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Step 4

Follow the application procedures and complete application documents! Make sure you are eligible and have completed application procedures and documents before submit your application.

Step 5

Always make a communication to the assigned contact.

We wish this information will help you in getting Chinese Government Scholarship 2019. Don’t forget to save this link: https://gwcasestudies.com/chinese-scholarships to see the updates.

Good Luck!

1,021 thoughts on “15 Chinese Scholarships 2019 and Success Tips”

    1. I qualified Bechalor of Computer Science and need your help for MS in Computer Science with study abroad in China so what can i do for this give me some tips for this criteria.

        1. I want you to help me get the scholarship for studies in your country, i got my first université degree in 2010 i started studying in the university of my country. Because of my situation, i stopped studying, for teacher in some private schools.

          1. I want to help me get the schalorship study in your country i have pass bs zoology at abduallwali khan unversty in mardan in buner campus

    2. Yas i really needed becuose i want to Lauren architecture but i can’t supert this type of education in pakistan

  1. I am in Pakistan
    I copelete BS chemistry till 2019
    I want studying in china and am poor boye can you help me plz

  2. One of the students graduated Somalia Universities, and I need master about scurity study or international low
    May us give me that master

    help me
    my number conected whatsp 252615398611

    1. My name is mustafe mohamed i graduated bachelor degree in economics want to join master programs in bank and finance ,public finance and taxation

  3. Hi! Good evening. .im undergraduate willing to take more chance on scholarship please from Philippines -Canada thanks..im Roan Anonas Nebrao po 11/18/18

  4. I am leake hailu 4th year mechanical engineering student in mekelle ethiopia university i want under graduate scholarship thank you.

  5. Hi
    Fist thank you very much.
    Iam from Somalia and
    Iam under graduated
    But hope to get this schooler ships.
    Please help me to get my dream
    If you can.
    Thanks again

  6. my name is wahid iqbal from pakistan i need to help chenies government plz salect me this year to scholarship my qualifactin bsc botany zoolagy i achieved a mastar degree llz salect me contect me …

  7. Thanks to Chinisse goverment to give this scholar. My name is Reda Getachew Abrha from Ethiopia and i take Bee keeping cource in Hunan province/Hunan Agricultural University/,CHINA for two month from june/2018 – jully/2018. So if l gate this opportunity i am happy.
    Thank you!

  8. This is Musaib from Pakistan . i alreay graduate from Pakistan i want to Master scholarship in MBA/Finance /Accounting . and i already in china At December i well finish my Chinese course

  9. Please help me to get a free scholarship.i have done bachelors degree in computer science and i want to get ms scholarship in computer science.

  10. My name is liban salah Abdullahi
    I am Somalia but to live in the Uganda Kampala I need scholarship program bachelor degree agriculture and I T to help you sir or madam thanks
    +256795040351 what is up OR cells

    1. My name is A/aziiz mohamed shariif live somalia i need scholarship program bachelor of software engineering my phone number is 252619509437

  11. my name cabdullahi. live somalia . llike the chaine becous have the best univarsals in the world ilike the. bart facult of enginering give me scholar ship. plese help me. end the school 2018/2019 insha allah helpme. becous iam apoor plese plese. my age is. 19year old. thanks

  12. I’m Awol Elias my interest is to get scholarship,I’ve Urban planning Bsc background,I want to study my Msc by Urban design or GIS.Please sponsur me.

  13. I’m Awol Elias my interest is to get scholarship,I’ve Urban planning Bsc background,I want to study my Msc by Urban design or GIS.Please sponsur me.

  14. I’m Awol Elias my interest is to get scholarship,I’ve Urban planning Bsc background,I want to study my Msc by Urban design or GIS.Please sponsur me.
    My phone number is

  15. With honour and respect to submit this application to your higher office,
    I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.
    Am here interest for masters

  16. My name is Yaecob. I am from Ethiopia. I want to learn PhD in Biotechnology. If you have any information which is related with my field Please inbox it.

  17. I’m jiregna amenu from Ethiopia and I have bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering and now I’m just learning in your company please accept my application

  18. I want scholarship because I am interested in education and plz give me good response . Thanks
    from pakistan.

  19. Muhammad Maher Quraishi.
    I would like to apply for Bachelor degree and I really don’t know how to apply.
    Please let me know.
    And i want to get political science scholarship.

  20. I’m a graduate of BA in Banking and Finance.I need free scholarship in any business and Economics masters.please call me by phone number 251+922996933.Thanks.

  21. i want scholarshipbecause i am intersed in education and plz give me good response .thanks
    rofm afghanistn

  22. My name is Mohammed deck I finished my secondary level I am very interest to get scholarship in China

  23. Hi I’m Rahmatullah Mohammed’s I want laring scholarship but don’t know about how we can apply but please help me bucks I’m a poor Parson please call me my phone number is+ 93 0779931131 thanks very much

    1. سلام نام مه است رحمت الله تخلص محمدی مه بسیار خوش دارم بورسیه بورشوم درس بیخوان گرچن آنقدر ا انگلیسی یاد ندارم همیشه آرزو داشتم که بورسیه بیخانم تشکر اینکه بورسیه اعلان کردید میشه مر ثبت نام کنید تشکر کدام مشکل شد به شماره تماس بگیرید بسیار تشکر اگر مه دهمی بورسیه بورشوم به هم دنیا هدیه کردید +93 0779931131

  24. Im finished bacholar degree for telecom engineering in soomaalia at university of east africa so i need scolarship of china apportunity
    I hope lucky

  25. I’m pakistani student. Im grateful of china for bilateral relationships. I want To study MS physics through china scholarship please guide me.

  26. I’m pakistani student. Im grateful of china for bilateral relationships. I want To study MS physics through china scholarship please guide me.
    My whatsapp +923005729807

  27. I really interested to get this chance if it is possible. I am from Ethiopia and my name is BoshaTesfaye Buche and I graduated and certified with MA in TEFL. I want to apply PhD in English Language if it is accessible. Faithfully yours Bosha Tesfaye!

  28. My name is takkele regassa from bule hora university lecture of organic chemistry i ned schoolarship from your university sir

  29. I am Nove Atinafu from Ethiopian and l would like to enjoy your scholarship opportunities and l am some university student in Ethiopia please enjoy me.

  30. i am interested on this and i am studied bsc in health sciene at arbaminch university so need msc in related fields

  31. Hi my Name Amin ismail Somaila i am student of B Tech (civil ) engineering i want study MS degree in construction engineering and project management from Australia university i am eligible or can i take admition here

  32. Hi my my name is fathi said i am somali i need help to get this opportunity i graduated bachelor of medicine i need master degree in China so can i take admition here.

  33. I have done Mechanical Engineering 2018 and i want to study in full funded scholarship for master degree in china. Please guide me about the procedure.

  34. Hi my name is leila i am somali please help me to get apportunity scholarship in mastr degree i am gratuated bachelor medicn or mbbs i need mastr degree in chine inshaalh to hear good answer thnk uu.

  35. Hello
    At the first of all thanks alot from your scholarships .
    But I am a collage student
    An it remains two years to finishing my licence deplome , if ther is posiblw I want to get admision in master degree for next years .

  36. first of all i want thank you for this scholarships. know i am student at wolkite university so i want to study my second degree in leader ship and management.

  37. Hello my name is Tamiru Lankamo
    I’m 25yrs
    I graduated in life science /applied biology in june,2018 in Bsc degree from wolaitata sodo university, Ethiopia.
    I would like to get achance of free scholar ships masters in life science and the related fields like human anatomy, medical microbiology, en’tal science, microbiology. human nutrition, medical laboratory public health and the like. ..Thank you for your kindly helping me!

  38. my name Tamiru Lankamo
    I’m from Ethiopia
    I graduated from Wolaita sodo university in applied biology in Bsc degree in 2018
    I would like get an opportunity of master degree in life science and or others related fields like human anatomy, medical microbiology, env’tal science, medical laboratory, human nutrition, public health and the like… Thank you for preparing this golden free scholarship chance for these unlucky international students based upon their economic level.

  39. I am shushay from Ethiopia searching PhD scholarship in the fields of chemistry: Organic chemistry or Nanoscience and related fields. I am instructor of Organic chemistry in higher education at this time and I am well experiencedabd ready in to pursue my Phd

  40. Hi my name is hussein l live in mogdishu specially hammar l think its good apportunity for every student in the world also l am one of that student so help me to get this opportunity my email:xuseen.caaqil@gmail.com
    Also hotmail:suudiseyga100@hotmail.com my number is:252615775441

  41. My full name is
    Ahmed Omar Mohamed
    I live from somalia City Mogadishu
    I’m very interested this scholarships
    Please help me my phone WhatsApp number

  42. Hello my name Awil Ahmed I graduated in the high school in somalia I want to study in petroleum engineer in China please contact me

  43. Hello my name Awil Ahmed I graduated in the high school in somalia I want to study in petroleum engineer in China please contact me

  44. My Name is Obaid Ahmad Khalil i have completed my Doctor of physiotherapy in want a scholorship for Ms in physiotherapy

  45. I am Shah jehan and i qualified Bachelor of Computer Science so i wana help me please for study abroad in China . I wanto continue my study in MS Networking so what can i do let some tips please .

  46. My Name Is : Mohamed Salim Albani
    From : Somalia
    Knowledge : I Graduated Political science at Uss University
    My Need : I need Master degree for IR Insha allah

  47. I qualified Bechalor of Statistics and need your help for MS in Statistics with study abroad in China so what can i do for this give me some tips for this criteria.

  48. My name hamse i graduated faculty economy i need the master of economic development in schooler ship please help the way can I found schooler ship
    Thank you

  49. My name is zakariye I graduated Bachelor of Health Sciences General Nurse and I want to get chinese Scholarship please help me how I can get that opportunity

  50. I am Kazi Ataur Rahman from Banglades. : I Graduated in English at National University of Bangladesh. I want to study in China with Scholarship. Please help me.
    My Contact Number: +8801913154495

  51. I was graduated from civil engineering department,now I am looking for my masters degree in civil or any related field. I am from Ethiopia. Thanks

  52. I m Harun Abdi Elmoge i appreciate Chinese government to give me this scholarship i call like to talk Chinese language in somalia and i want to work for China goverment in foreign countries and my work will be translating Chinese language and i will teach many people chines language thank you very much

  53. Hi’
    Akmal is here. I have passed BS English 4 years undergraduate program. Now I want to be Master program in linguistic and then PhD. Actually I am a needy student. I can not continue my study without scholarship.I have a great wish to study at the university. I know why a cadge bird sing.

  54. I am Husnain ali from pakistan i have complete bechler degree in Mathematics. Now i want continue next study on chines free scholership…

  55. Hi I am khalilahmad Behmanesh
    I graduated from animal science department of agriculture university, so I wanna to get master’s degree in in your university in every section that you want according to my qualifications and department.
    Thank you

  56. I need scholarships for my first degree please seriously your assistance needed. Thanks. By Bashir Wakil from Nigeria….

  57. I am graduated bsc degree in civil engineering from Ethiopia
    I am so happy to give this fully scholarship please callme +251924310640

  58. Iaм gradυaтed BSC мιdwιғe ѕo I need ғree ѕcнolarѕнιp ғor мaѕтerѕ pleaѕe ѕerιoυѕly yoυr aѕѕιѕтance ιѕ needed. Tнanĸѕ Gonғa Leммa ғroм Eтнιopιa!

  59. I need chance scholarship i want to learn Bbl. If you any information which is related with my field wleae inbox it.

  60. My name is Nasir Ali I’me from besham shangla graduated Bsc in Civil engineering i want to lern free scholarship in enginering MASTERS DGEERE

  61. Hello, first of all i would like to appreciate the commitment of the chinese government. My name is goshu weleabzgi from ethiopia and i have completed my bsc and msc degree in livestock production, and i want to learn free phd in livestock production in china. Xi xi

  62. I need chance scholarship i want to learn master of sociology or other related it. If you any information which is related with my field wleae inbox it.

  63. I need scholarships for my first degree please seriously your assistance needed. Thanks. By abdillahi Wakil from somali 00252634336169

  64. I’m zekrullah hakimi.I was born in 1995 in panjshir province of Afghanistan and graduated from faculty of sharia law with b+ degree. Naw I’m student national legal Traninig Center and legal member of ministry of urban development and housing.I need scholarships. Thanks from you favor.

  65. I need chance scholarship i want to learn master of law or other related it. If you any information which is related with my field wleae inbox it.

  66. My name is ahmed abdalle i live in dhaka bangaldesh i need scholarship for chine i am undrgrature student i from somalia i want In CSE Bachular my whatsApp is +8801776549351 pleas help me

  67. I am Workinesh Kebede from Ethopia. I have graduated MScin Finance and Investment. There fore, I would like to study PhD program in related field in Chine.
    Thank you

  68. I am from Ethiopian. My name is mekdes chubaro I have MA in civil engineering from ma country . Now I wana to study Msc related with civil engineering by full scholarship program.

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