China Scholarships 2019 for International Students

China as we know today is one of the major powerhouse countries in the world not only in the economic sector but also in global politics, military, science, and education. As one of superpower country, China policy can have a major impact on the world that might shift global geopolitical and economic climate.

One of the reasons for China become a superpower country as we all know today is most likely through reforming its educational system, it started back in 1986 after China’s cultural revolution from 1966-76. China education system is a state-funded education program, where the education is free and funded from the national budget. It is an obligation for all Chinese citizen to have minimum nine years of education known as a compulsory education program that composes of six years primary education and three years secondary education (junior/middle school level), in some provinces it may also have five years for a primary education level and four years of a secondary level program that’s all fully funded by the government.

However, for higher education program there is no such fund from the Chinese government for its citizen, it is to encourage the students to compete for scholarships program for higher education level. In the 1980s Chinese government started to allow the establishment of a private institution or university for higher education level and since then, the number for an undergraduate degree and those who hold doctoral degree increase fivefold in 2005.

There are many scholarship programs for those who want to study in China be it a full or partial scholarship, government or institutional funded scholarship, and also specialized scholarship that targeted international students.

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china scholarships 2019
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SCUT International Scholarship for Excellence

The South China University of Technology previously known as South China Institute of Technology founded in 1952 is a public university that operates under the direction of China state ministry of education. The University is one of the lead universities in China and considered one among the best university for engineering in the world.

SCUT International Scholarship for Excellence is a scholarship that specified for the international students, whose planning on taking their full degree program at South China University of Technology (SCUT).

The scholarship range from bachelor, master, and a doctoral degree, for bachelor’s and master’s programs the lectures will be held in Chinese or might as well in English. For the bachelor and master programs that taught in English, the scholarship falls into two categories; second honor class and third honor class, where the scholarship for a second honor class will be provided with a half exemption tuition fees for four years, and the third classes for 2 years.

For all bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are taught with Chinese will falls into three categories; the first, second and third honors classes, where the first honor classes will be granted with full exemption tuition fee for four years, the second and third honor classes will be  provided with a half exemption tuition fees for four years or two years respectively. Here are the undergraduate majors (Chinese medium) and for more detailed about the program you can inquire using the contact here.

The doctoral or Ph.D. degree will receive a full scholarship plus a monthly living allowance regardless of which medium (the language used in lecture)will be used in the process.

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It is also an important’s to note for the reader that this scholarship program will have an annual evaluation for the retention of the scholarship, for those who are successfully fulfilled the evaluation can retain their scholarship and for those who do not meet the evaluation standard will be transferred to self-funding student’s status, however the students may re-apply for the scholarship by attending the evaluation prosses the following year.

The requirements and eligibility

The eligible applicants must be a non-Chinese citizen in a good health condition, the age limit for Bachelor program is 30, Master program is 35, and Doctoral or Ph.D. programs is 40 years old.

The admission prosses begin with submission of application online at SCUT’s official website by filling the application and submitting the following documents;

  • Copy of passport
  • Senior High academic transcript
  • Study or research plan (for postgraduate) in Chinese or English
  • Two reference letter from previous University or Institution (postgraduate only)
  • Foreigner “Physical Examination form” in English or Chinese

All the documents that are required for the admission process must be notarized and translate into English or Chinese Language. The deadline for admission is 30th April, then by the end of June selected candidates will be published at  SCUT’s website and in early July the participant will receive the admission and invitation letters to apply for the visa. For more information about SCUT’s international scholarship program check here.

The Belt and Road Scholarship at Changchun University of Science and Technology

The Belt and Road scholarship is a scholarship for the master program for international students who want to study at Changchun University of  Science and Technology in China. The scholarship is only funded for a master degree in Computer Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Business Administration. The study duration is two years, cannot be extended and the lectures will be in English.

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The scholarship will provide free tuition fee for the first year and a half tuition fee for the second year and the recipients will be evaluated at every end of the semester for their academic, attendance, and personal conduct.

Eligibility and Requirements

The applicants must be non-Chinese nationality, no older than 35 years, in a good health, hold a bachelor’s degree, and also not a recipient from other scholarship.

To apply the applicant’s must submit their application at CUST’s official website and submit following documents;

  • Application form (can be downloaded at the official website )
  • Copy of diploma
  • Academic transcripts records
  • Two letter recommendation from previous/current professor or equivalent
  • English proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent)
  • Foreigner physical examination form in English or Chinese

The documents such as transcript records or a copy of diploma must be notarized and translated in English or Chinese language. The deadline is 20th June and the selected candidates will be posted at the Changchun University’s website and also be notified personally per email, The admission and Invitation form for applying visa will be sent before July 10th. For more detailed information check here.

It will be a good idea for you to learn about Chinese culture and the language, so you can have better preparation beforehand.

Good Luck.

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